Ypäjä Equine College

Ypäjä Equine College is the leading center of vocational equine education, training, and equestrian competitions in Finland. The Equine College serves Finland’s national equestrian teams as their training center.

The curriculum at Ypäjä Equine College covers all equestrian tracks and qualifications in Finland. 280 students participate in basic vocational education and 100 students take upper level courses. The 250 horses in the College include both Finnhorses and other breeds.

The College collaborates closely with the equine research unit of the Natural Resources Institute Finland LUKE and the municipal government of Ypäjä. Other important partners include the horse clinic Ypäjän Hevossairaala, Equestrian Sports Museum of Finland, and Hippolis, the National Equine Competence Association of Finland.

The owners of the Equine College are the Ministry of Education and Culture, Equestrian Federation of Finland SRL, Finland’s national trotting and breeding association Suomen Hippos, and municipalities of Ypäjä, Forssa, and Jokioinen.

The College has its origins in the establishment of the State Stud and a Cavalry School in Ypäjä in the 1930s.